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PPE Helping the Frontlines

Who We Have Helped

During these trying times, since late April 2020, we have turned the key to help provide PPE to the frontlines. We are proud to be working with customers like CAMH (The Center for Addiction and Mental Health) in Health Care as well as others Food Manufacturing, essential Retail & Grocery industries and more.

It is with great purpose that we continue to serve our frontlines with PPE during the Covid-19 Pandemic. As the second wave and next phases approach, you can count on us to provide you with what you need and quickly. Keeping workers and civilians safe is an obligation to us all so we can get back to everyday life.

From masks (disposable & reusable), face shields, hand sanitizer, clear barriers (sneeze guards), gloves, gowns, floor decals, signage, packaging and print, we provide you with the solutions you need when it matters.

NEW: Printed fabric reusable face masks, branded or printed, replaceable filters available!

Reusable face masks with optional filter are now available. Lasts longer than the disposables saving you money. Great branding for retail, restaurant and grocery, while fashionable among the rest!

Talk to us about getting your printed masks.

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